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‘Ignonauta’, awarded at Barcelona Musiclip Festival

Ignonauta Musiclip reformatted

Barcelona Musiclip Festival de las Artes Audiovisuales y el Videoclip awarded 700G Films last night with Best Musical Short 2013 for ‘Ignonauta’.

The proyect is a cinematic experiment by Spanish independent band Tulsa and director Raul Santos. The 15-min-long story tells the surreal journey of a broken heart in its desperate pursuit of happiness. The soundtrack was especially composed by Miren Iza for this project and produced by Abel Hernández. The shoot took place in December 2012 in locations of New York. The short film can be seen here.

‘Ignonauta’ was also part of the Official Selection for BBC Music Video Awards 2013, a showcase of the best videos of the year.